The Irrepressible Mind Recorded Training - A Masterclass in Resilience


"Nothing can come between a man with the right mental attitude and his goal, and nothing on this earth can help anyone with the wrong mental attitude.”

Thomas Jefferson 


295 GBP for a limited time only, originally 997 GBP.



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Benefit 1

As a bonus you get the paid book “The Irrepressible Mind” for free, and a free live coaching session with Jillian Haslam

These will help stimulate a mindset overhaul to invigorate resilience and proffer positive thinking that eradicates every thought of ever giving up.

Benefit 2

You'd stop self-doubting and learn new ways to deal with fear, low self-worth and adversity.

Benefit 3

You'd face challenges head-on with calm, emotional intelligence and also have an irrepressible mind that can face any challenges that life throws at you.

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Why is this the most valuable purchase I’ll make this year?


Unlike other training that just motivates and highlights generic steps to lead a better life, this session is a life jacket, and no matter what is happening to you at this particular time, assuredly, it will not only help but it will make you think 

“How have I gone so wrong for so long.?”

No need to despair - All is not lost. It’s never too late.

The recorded session will be the best one hour and thirty minutes you will invest in your self development.  

I deal with the major problem, which is the battle of the mind, and I want to show people who are on the edge of giving up reasons they shouldn't.

 I have dealt with all of these issues but more importantly, low-self worth, depression and low self-esteem and I want to share my story with individuals on the edge and give them actual evidence as to why they shouldn’t.

Why Me? 


This is because I’ve been there, and I reckon the most practical way to overcome anything is to learn from people's experiences and actual knowledge and not just from someone who tells us to “stay strong” because…….... It’s easier said than done!!

It's okay to feel defeated, but the problem is when we remain defeated for long periods of time or worse still, for good!! We all face set-backs, challenges, heartache, trauma, pain and suffering but only a few have the ability to stand-up and fight each time. 

The Irrepressible Mind is your guide to overcoming your next setback with true resilience.

This session will teach you how to react when the rug of life gets pulled from under your feet.

It doesn't matter if your closest friends and people you deem family gave up on you or betray you. 

If people have hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally, the video will provide you with evidence of how you operate as a human being, why we become more negative when we have the ability and the choices to be more positive. It will walk you through shocking evidence of how you are entirely responsible for what you have, who you are and what you have become. 

However, as the great saying goes “No one can go back and make a brand new start, however, anyone can start from NOW and make a brand new ending.”

 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!! 

Once you go through this short training, many who have written you off will want to know how on earth you have handled yourself so well after having gone through so much and how you have created such a different life for yourself and maybe even for those around you?

 And guess what? that's not the best part!

  •  You will learn what some of the strongest human beings endured and yet went down in history
  • You will learn that this is capable of any man who just needs to make the choice to hold on and
  • You will learn of what is possible when you choose to understand the true power of resilience and the benefits it can bring to a life.

After a thorough dive into your mind through this training, you will never be the same again!

How does the session also contribute to the growth of my business?


No-one can escape the challenges that life throws our way and this includes the climb in business too but the fact lies in the words of Charles Jung “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

We only have to look to the evidence that has now been put on display in the museum of failure to see how some of the biggest brands have failed and yet today are still some of the biggest brands on the planet!

The question is, where is the thin-line between breaking and bouncing back?

You will learn how to develop resilience of a very different kind that will help you to understand yourself and your business.

It's a no-brainer that the first battle we face as humans is to harness the mind's power, and once this is done successfully, assuredly, this affects your business and everything we do positively.

How will the training session help you recover from setbacks you face in your business?

Chapter 6 teaches you how to value hard work, and Chapter 7 teaches you how to build a positive mindset like never before.

It can be incredibly difficult to be resourceful in a world full of distractions, hardship, stress and pain.

Your business will face obstacles, and there are days you will want to give up, but once you have an Irrepressible Mind that this training will teach you, you will look at your business in a very different light. Your business will become you, your purpose and your legacy!!

Why should I trust you?


I have helped hundreds of individuals change their mindsets and develop an Irrepressible Mind. I have been where you are right now. Angry, depressed, lonely and at point break and I have been in desperate search for answers, answers that I have found after hitting the lowest point anyone could ever get to, answers after having researched this topic inside out and answers that I have put to the test and won.

Also, I grew up in abject poverty, which explains why I endured so much, why I lost so much, and why I have been at breaking point on numerous occasions.

Of course, these contributed to making me want everything to end. Still, look at me now. I have overcome every obstacle thrown my way; I just get stronger with every blow I have received and I never stop creating those pathways of success (which you will learn how to create form the video).

In this recorded training session, I share my personal story and give you the tools to overcome life's challenges in a process that I coined the Irrepressible Mind!

I applied everything in this session and it helped me get back on my feet. I will also be giving out the Book as an added bonus to the session.

Do the course, read the book and I promise you that your life will never ever be the same again!!

These have helped me become happier and healthier, and strengthened my resolve towards leading a positive and very successful life.

How can you guarantee I’ll get results?


 “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

Thomas A. Edison

You, too, can be like them. If you implement everything discussed in this session, you will get results.

All you have to do is implement everything you're taught, and you will get results.

What are the top three reasons I should buy now?


The rug of life gets pulled from under our feet every now and then. Many of us are able to stand-up again and fight and make something of our lives and many of us just aren’t capable of doing so - Why? 

Some experiences cause trauma that strips away ambition and energy for years to come and results in illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorders and other mental illnesses but the study of Psychosynthesis well documented by R.

Assagioli states that “trying to eliminate pain merely strengthens its hold! It is better to uncover its meaning, include it as an essential part of our purpose, and embrace its potential to serve us.”  

 Over time, we get conditioned, habitual and sadly comfortable walking down the path that we ourselves have created and this is where the battle begins. We want success but it comes with a price, we want comfort but it comes without success.

We then have the power of choice and most often we make the choice that is easier because as humans we all know that we are inclined to go towards comfort and away from pain!

When I show you how your choices affect your future and how you are entirely responsible for what you create, you will be amazed at what you see. I urge you to then speak to me……. And I will help you to get past anything.

So why should you watch the training session?

  •   This session gives hope to you if you feel empty. It teaches you that there are better ways to handle any situation than becoming a victim of circumstances. It shows you how to reclaim the power of your mind, emotional balance, and peace of mind.
  •   It's a blueprint of advanced resilience strategies. They're highly practical, and it will help you better understand yourself and how to reach your full potential in every sense of the word.
  • The Irrepressible Mind lays the foundation of wellbeing, growth and success of both the mind and the spirit only because, you can be in the best of health but if you are mentally distressed or unable to master your mind, you are in trouble.

I'm not saying you should find a way to cope with these problems or find a way to make the best out of a bad situation. No. In this session, I share ‘'secrets' with you that will help you to overcome any challenges and learn to survive and thrive.

I’m really busy… How much time does it take?


The course material can be completed in as little as two hours per week and as little as three weeks total.

It is designed to be applied at an individualized pace. All you need is a stable internet connection and to keep two hours aside every week. 

Once you have everything, you can go away and set things up at your own pace. 

You can then come back to me with all the questions you have and I will be there to answer them for you.

This is why I have also offered you a free coaching session only because you are bound to have questions, queries and thoughts that will need to be answered.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I checkout?


Click on this button below, make your payments and you will be sent the training and the book and then a Calendly link to book your free coaching session with me.

Don't think “I can't do it”just take one small step at a time and tell yourself that it’s going to bring huge benefits!

Other common questions


Can I have a private chat with Jillian?

Yes. It comes as part of this offer.

How long will it take me to get started?

If you are truly excited and want to truly start living a different life, you can get started right away.

Will this help change every aspect of my life

Yes. Yes & Yes because everything starts with the mind and if you develop a strong mindset, it is equivalent to having super powers. Powers that will enable you to look upon others and think “if only they knew”!!

Will it exhaust me and will I be overwhelmed with information?

No. That is not how I work. You can go through the course in your own time but once you start it. I promise you you will not want to press stop and it’s the same with the book and then you get to speak to me and ask me anything you like. If at all, you will find mental peace and you will most certainly become unstoppable!! 

Will I make enough money to better my quality of life?

You most certainly will and you can take a look at my life to find the evidence. All you need to do is to go to my website, read my story, read the press articles and listen to maybe 1 or 2 videos on my channel and your questions will be answered beyond a shadow of doubt.

About Jillian Haslam

295 GBP for a limited time only, originally 997 GBP.

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