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The Ultimate Business Machine

How to Buck the Trend and Start a Business that Survives and Thrives

It’s a sad reality that most new businesses and start-ups fail.

While some fare worse than others, this is true across all industries. The Telegraph reports that 660,000 new businesses get registered each year in the UK. That’s 70 per hour.

However, they also report that 20% of those will shut down within the first year, and 60% within the first three years. Many never even get off the ground. Registering a business is easy. Starting one demands much more.

Why do so many new businesses fail? More importantly, what can you do to prevent yours from being one of them? This short book will walk you through the basics of starting up a business. The questions you must ask, the tasks you must perform, the details you must sort out.

But it begins by understanding why so many other businesses don’t make it. According to Investopedia, four primary causes stand out:

  1.  Not enough capital
  2.  Bad management
  3.  Poor business planning
  4.  Overspending on marketing

How do you handle failure?

Is giving up on an idea ever the right move?

Are you worried about your background preventing you from succeeding? 

This book will help you with all of these answers and much more.

To your success