"There is a message within you that only you are the most suitable person to share. There is a business that only you are the most experienced to pioneer; There is something that is engraved only on your soul that is specifically yours to express. This is what it means to find your voice, to learn how to express it and to effectively engage an audience in thought, word or deed.

You already have what it takes,
now just learn how to implement it...

Just writing the book wasn’t enough for me...

Remember I told you about a guy who came to me and said he didn’t find the information even in the courses he paid for…

That made me think, what if it’ s the same condition with the courses as well…

What if like books, courses also have that same outdated, impractical, and useless information.

But I couldn ’t just make an assumption I had to find out if it was true…

Therefore I bought a number of courses (not hundreds of them of course) and I found that I was correct. All of those courses were like audiobooks and always tailored towards making you buy MORE.

Like a person is popping up on your screen and reading a script.

Imagine you are in college and the only thing professors are doing is entering into the class and reading the books out loud.

There’ s no interaction between you and them, you cannot ask them any questions, the only thing you have to do is listen.

That’s how I felt about those courses.

I thought about beginners out there who were wasting their time, money, and energy over these courses and getting nothing in return.

Therefore I decided to design my own course.

While my book was all about providing you with vital information, my course can tell you how to implement that information.






How to make big money
with a minimum audience?

Having a big audience is worthless, If you don’t know how to engage with them.

You see, when people first start out, they believe they need a large audience to deliver their message and to build long-term relationships.

But that’s simply not true.

Remember! “You can’t multiply zero.”
If you’re not making money with the audience, you have now...

It doesn’t matter how many people you have in an audience; you’ll never make any money.

So why are so many online business owners unable to engage with their audience?

It’s simple.

They don’t know how to engage with people and convey their message effectively.

The truth is you can make a lot of money with a small list, as long as you understand how to engage them and win their trust.

You have a great relationship with them.

They’re qualified.

And you have solutions to their problems.

And trust me, you don’t need tens of thousands of people listening to you to make it happen.

I’ll teach you exactly how to communicate your message and your value to your audience on my course (How To Find Your Voice), so you will be able to convert your audience, no matter how big or small it is.

The outcomes?
· More interaction and communication with people

· Unlimited market potential

· Your website traffic will be Increased

· Referral rate Increased

· You’ll get sales leads

· Boost in audience attention

· You’ll be able to build trust and loyalty with customers

· You will be amazed at your own confidence

You'll become able to make them buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty.


Inside the course, I'm going to cover a lot of different aspects
which couldn’t be expressed through written words like…

How to never again be afraid, nervous, or stressed in front of an audience

The foundation of all great presentations – being yourself

How to read an audience

Secrets of body language – how to use all 5 senses

Vocal strategies that sustain attention and engage the listeners

The surprising truth about making eye contact with an entire audience

Advanced techniques of persuasion

Capitalizing on your strengths and skills – knowing what you can and cannot do

The 10 secrets to any presentation, speech or sale

And so much more

I have designed this course to challenge your confidence, and motivate you to overcome your fears of public speaking (it can quite honestly give you the power to change the world)!

It’s specifically designed to equip you
with the implementation knowledge “in one single day ”

You will be able to...


Peek behind the curtain and learn the most effective skills required for presentation.

Develop a take-to-work system for time management

Bridge the gap between self-confidence and habits of action

Discover a proven yet little-known approach to accepting negative feedback without getting discouraged

Increase your mastery of the single most important skill in presentations - communication - speaking.

Much more practical and applicable help…


What others have to say about me

I have attended very many trainings, events and conferences. I always came away with so much paper and didn’t know what to do with it all. I was overwhelmed and tried to look for a solution that worked, a structure and guidance. That happened when I found Jillian and she changed my life. I am now a Speaker; Trainer and I have also won my first Best Speaker award.

Abeer Al Shaikh, UAE

Hi Jill, Yes!! It feels great to get all this feedback. I never thought I could speak like this. It’s all thanks to your writing and coaching skills.


Funda Reis, Hertfordshire

You are so inspirational Jill and an incredibly engaging speaker so yes I would say you are unstoppable!! I really do hope to emulate you and hope my speeches one day become as good as yours! I look forward to our future call and hope to push through this barrier. Thank
you for renewing my confidence. I just want everything to be perfect because I know I have the capability of being a good speaker

Bhavika Borkhatria, London

You already have the information,
all you need is to know now is how to implement it effectively


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